A deaf sheep does not know an impending drought

Let me start with the somali edge saying goes ” lax dhukani col iyo abaar ma oga” meaning ” adeaf sheep does not know an impending drought. It is very hard to smugglers recognize or admire what president Abdi mohamoud did for his nation. President Abdi of Ethiopian somali region is a true somali hero.

He is a learned and nationalist person unlike his predecessors who got afflicted with clan agenda as soon as they selected or elected to office. President Abdi  never shy away making the interest of his people first. Telling truth as it is, defeating enemy, defending his people and liberating his people from anti-peace elements.Other adjectives attributes to him a brilliant leader who never fail to deliver service to his people.. Mr Abdi mohamud  represent what is patriotism, honest and loyal.

Some one may ask how president  Abdi won the hearts of the public. The answer is very simple. He shown us loyalty to his nation, sacrifice he made amid the hard time one of which was the epidemic drought that has affected the region last year and tangible progress seen by every one. For me I would like to conclude if zuckerperg is the founder of Facebook also President A.M.U is the founder of the development of the Ethiopian somali region.

credit Author:-mohamed abdidhere.