Jigjiga(kalitimes) 20 febuary, 2019. People from Ogaden origin cannot be a minority sub-group in Somali state deliberately by unfairly manipulated & predetermined census.

My first standard article after jail ogaden will be written about the current issues of ogaden region, intentional traps and constrains for the people of ogaden. Rich oil region.

Hopefully this article will disclose many sensitive and outstanding issues which are very critical and should be taken into account. The most prominent trap for the people of Ogaden is upcoming population and housing census of Ethiopia which is designed in a way that the people from Ogaden will be minority in the Somali region for deliberately. Since the allocated enumerators for the region is absolutely impossible, and away from the facts of the region. Because it is pre-determined strategies to violate the democratic rights of the people of the region in generally to be enumerated every person in the region, and in particularly for those zones, and woredas residing people from Ogaden origin are extremely underestimated which means a people from Ogaden to be obliterated and to become extreme minority. The known people in the horn and the Ethiopia; but the population and the history of Ogaden people that could not able to eliminate them by pullets, now cannot be erased either per or injustice census. But if such trial happens, it would further lead into desperate instability consequences.

Therefore the federal government of Ethiopia and the prime minister of Ethiopia should critically think of issues related to coming census for Somali region and the particular those areas origins for Ogaden.

Complete article will be shared soon insha allaah.