Fik(kalitimes) 3 of March, 2019.
Mustafe omar-interim president of SRS has reached fiik town. The reason behind the trip is none but only to show sympathy to fik people of erer zone. Politicians, government leaders Hundrens of peoples who hailed from erer zone have accompanied the president with the trip.

It is good to visit all the zones of the region. But you should start the outskirts of the city. There are hundrens of IDP peoples in tuliguled and qoloji who have been suffering malnutrition, lack of food and lack of shelter for the last one year. If there is a badly need of president’s visit, where is fit to visit is tuli-guleed and qoloji camp.

Mr president the millions of birr that you spent your political trip could fed to the hundrens hungry children and help our poor people in tuli guleed, moyale and qolaji. It was good if you turn and search support from your community by providing the required service rather than building confidance and relationship of non-somalis of other regions by showing respect and love. The last vivid example, which is fresh in our memory is the exraordinary hospitality that mustafe’s government has recieved to the immigrants of oromos returned from puntland. The region has paid all the cost of food and transportations from bookh woreda to babile town of oromo. In addition to this, in early days of his presidency, mr mustafe cagjar sent food aid and non-food items expended millions of birr to laas-canood of somalia.

Despite mustafe and his government did not spare a single effort to pressure tuli-guled people to join oromia region by showing disrespect and mistreatment. If that is not enough, mustafe omar did said a single word to congratulate the peace pact between jinacsani and tuli-guleed since the agreement did not satisfied to his masterman jawar mohamed. Here i would like to confirm to mustafe and his government, the brave people of tuli-guleed community has a strong faith of somalinimo.

Political vindictive and angry of MUSTAFA CAGJAR has reduced him from the level of leadership. A leader should promote unity of his people and should treat his people equally.

mohamed khalaf