Bokh(kalitimes) 3 March, 2019. As aware of, recently around 1,600 people of Ethiopian nationalities(mainly 800 of Oromos and the other 800 are mix of Amhara and Tigray ethnics), who has been expelled from Puntland region of Somalia for unknown reasons, have arrived BOKH woreda of Dollo zone of Ethiopian Somali regional State. Since then efforts to transport them to their place of origin, has been on-going by the Government.

The question here is what are the HUMANITARIAN AND HUMAN RIGHTS PRINCIPLES to be used as the main criteria to prioritize, when it comes to transport people who are in need of humanitarian assistance?

Basically should be VULNERABLE GROUPS ( like children, Pregnant and lactating mothers, elderly)…..to be given priority.

Unfortunately are you aware of that the regional government president, bases his priorities on ethinicity rather than humanitarian, and ordered to transport first or initially only the 800 OROMOS, who are currently arriving in Jigjiga while the remaining 800 people from the Amhara and Tigray regions are left and stacked in BOKH??????

So, we are very much surprised, the inhuman behavior and motives of, The Somali regional government president, Mustafe Muhumed Omer, who claims and has been working for over 10 years in the field of humanitarian operations?????