Ethiopia-Djibouti railway winning hearts of passengers

Addis Ababa(kalitimes) Over two months into its commercial operation, the Ethiopia-Djibouti railway has brought much.

Ethiopian receives Africa’s largest B737 MAX

Addis Ababa(Kalitimes) July 2, 2018 – Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) said it has taken delivery of.

Oil and Gas Production Commencement in Ethiopian Somali Region :The Fruits of the Succeeded Salvation Plan of President Abdi.M.Omar

Since the birth of the modern Ethiopia, the successive regimes that have ruled the country.

A Response to karamardh’s baseless and irrational claims against Ethiopian Somali region

In a friendly response to karamardha’s article “ETHIOPIA-SOMALIS LIFE MATTER TOO” that apparently appeared on.

Ethiopia starts test crude oil extraction

ADDIS ABABA(Kalitimes)June 29,2018– Ethiopia on Thursday started test production of the first barrel of crude.

Ethiopia to commence crude oil production test tomorrow

Addis Ababa(kalitimes) June 27, 2018 – Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has said Ethiopia will.

Eritrean delegation arrives in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa(KALITIMES) June 26, 2018 –A senior Eritrean delegation composed of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh.

Mr Siraj Fegessa resigned as Deputy Chairperson of SEPDM

Addis Ababa(KALITIMES) June 26, 2018  – Siraj Fegessa has resigned as Deputy Chairperson of the.

private internet services will be launch in Ethiopia

Addis ababa(kalitimes) 24th, june,2018.Websprix – an IT solutions and services provider – has finalized its.

A Condolence Message from Abdi Mohomud Omar

Jigjiga( 23th, June 2018. Dr abiyu ahmed took the highest office some sixty days before..